Dragonvale cheat, more coins/gems/food free

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DragonVale Coins Limitless Generator

READ DESCRIPTION if you do not feel like watching the video since everything in the video is in the description as well.

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1st: Your ipod MUST be Jailbroken
2nd: Go into Cydia
3rd: Add the source http//:apt.xsellize.com/
4th: search iAP and install it
5th: Go onto Dragonvale and purchase anything that requires to pay
6th: You can now buy whatever you want!

It does not charge your apple account for those who might ask.

It will still show the price but just click it and it will not ask for an apple ID or anything since it will automatically be free. You can get as much as you want without any charges.

Also it will not work on all games.

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This is one of the best kept secrets with the rubiks cube. Anyone can solve the rubiks cube without studying or having to learn complicated algorithms. You must start with a solved cube for this to work. As long as you repeat the moves, the cube will return to the solved state. You can try different moves besides the 2 moves in the video. As long as you repeat any pattern of moves, it will always return to a solved cube.
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DragonVale Coins Limitless Generator

36 Responses to Dragonvale cheat, more coins/gems/food free

  1. I am not much of an Android person so I do not really make many videos for Android. If you noticed my username it is RandomIPODhacker. So I mainly deal with Ipod's or iDevices.

  2. This is obviously fake because he has a 2x2x3 block on the bottom right and he just reversed his scramble. Trust me, I'm a cuber.

  3. You see it took like 45 seconds you do that and you cheated but I can solve it in 36 seconds which is 9 seconds better without cheating

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