11 Responses to How To Cheat Dragonvale *NOT PATCHED* *WORKS 2017*

  1. so I got the pop up saying dragonvale stopped working like what happened to you when you finish reinstalling and opening it. So how do you solve that? It just kept saying that 🙁 I checked lucky patcher thing with the tools -> remove selected purchases, but there was nothing inside (empty). so how should I fix that?

  2. I was connected to FB but when I went back to login it, it kept giving me a "Login Error, can not connect to Facebook. Please try again later."
    What happened?!

  3. please help… I did all of the steps in order and thought it was going to work. When i opened DV it created a new park. I logged in to Facebook but there is no other park with I try to switch parks. How do I load my FB park? Thanks!!!

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